The benefits of breast feeding

For me the biggest benefit of breast feeding has been to bond with my son. He was born by emergency section and I was under a general. He was whisked off to SCBU for a couple of days and fed through a tube. Before this happened it was always my intention of trying to breast feed but it then became my only way to bond with him. I woke from my section without knowing if i was still pregnant, had become a mother, my baby was alive or dead, boy or girl, here or not. I was very confused.

The pob was put to my breast that night, I have to be honest, I still didn’t have that rush of love, of course I loved him but I’d also just suffered extreme trauma to my body and mind from a seizure. It did help me to come round a bit though and realise this beautiful boy was mine.

Two days after the pob was born he was allowed to stay with me on a normal ward because I was feeding him. Even with a tongue tie we were managing (more of that later!). Night after night I felt more in love and closer to my boy. I started to feel like a mummy. Because I was feeding him. Breast feeding helped me feel close to him, helped me to get to know him after I’d missed his first moments in the world. I cherish the nights we spent together in hospital over the first week of his life, together, nursing and falling in love.

Once I was home, nearly two weeks after the pob was born I felt a huge rush of love, I felt like his mummy. I’m sure I would’ve got there anyway but breast feeding made me feel like a mummy quicker, it made me feel like I was doing something right after a horrific, traumatic and unnatural birth. I felt like I could be a mum to him. I suffered birth trauma but because I breast fed I managed to not need anymore medical help. I had my own medicine when I fed the pob, that’s how we managed to get over our birth and bond as mother and baby.

It’s been a bumpy ride but we’re still going 13 months on. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Lesley and Pam at a breast feeding support group in Stevenage Old Town. At the health centre on a wednesday 1:30-3:30pm, even though I don’t live in the area they helped me.

I think each mum needs to do what’s best for her and her baby, I don’t judge or care how other’s babies are fed. But I do think that breast feeding is a wonderful special experience and each mother should learn how it can be like that for them. It’s not a chore, shouldn’t hurt or be embarrassing, it is just a normal, healthy, loving way to feed your baby.

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8 thoughts on “The benefits of breast feeding

  1. For me it was the cancer protection, my mums death was caused by breast cancer, and when I found out I was pregnant I knew that breastfeeding would help me long term….. oh and its what breast are for!

  2. What a ride you’ve had! I didn’t have a section but I didn’t experience the rush of love either. It took me a long time to fully recognise my daughter as my own. As with you, breastfeeding definitely helped. I decided I wanted to breastfeed because it was the logical progression from pregnancy. My body took care of my baby while she was inside me so it would continue to take care of her when she came out.

  3. Fab post! Thanks for sharing! Breastfeeding surely is a bumpy ride -persevering is definitely the key! 🙂

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