All about the pob

The gallery: mornings

This weeks gallery theme is mornings. I’ve decided to partake because it just so happens that this week mornings are a big thing for me.

Since I’ve had the pob mornings have been by far my most favourite time. I always was a morning person. I love going to get him up, it lights up my day. Over the past year I’ve got him out of his Moses basket, then cot, sometimes from my bed, brought him in to our room and our bed where I’ve fed him then taught him songs, signing, read books, kissed, cuddled, pointed and just loved him. Loved each magical morning. Loved it being just us two. I’ve snapped loads of pictures of him in the morning as he learnt to smile, with crazy hair or just sitting. Now tomorrow is my last morning with him at home before I return to work. I’m going to miss my mornings with my little pob so very much. I’ll cherish them forever. Here’s a few…













6 thoughts on “The gallery: mornings

  1. Hope the transition back to work is not too difficult for you, I remember it well.And remember, there’s always time for morning playtime no matter how old, as my own post proves! Love the photo of your little ‘pob’ swamped by the rest of the bed!

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