All about the pob

Day 15: a day in the life of

A little late with this but all the birthday celebrations have taken their toll, along with holiday packing…

So Tuesday 15th May I got the pob up at about 6.30, well he got me up really. MrSlender had already left for work. We had milky in bed then read some books before getting dressed and going downstairs. Then we had breakfast, porridge with double cream for the pob, toast for me. Then I realised MrSlender had locked me out so I had to climb out the kitchen window and go and get the spare key from my neighbour! Once that was done the pob went for a 20 minute snooze whilst I had a little tidy.

At 9.15 I got the pob up and drove to get him weighed at my local children’s centre as I’d been the week before, to get him weighed for his first birthday, what a treat!, and he’d lost 1lb 6oz in a week. It was such a dramatic weight loss that we were made to see the health visitor who advised lots of high fat snacks and feeding every two hours (food not milk).

So anyway the pob got weighed and had put ALL his weight back on in just a week. Thank goodness for double cream! He had to be weighed twice as the health visitor couldn’t believe he had put it all on. Was v pleased.

Then we went to get our euros for our holiday before going home to have a play date with two of our friends (and mummies!) we ate cake, laughed at the babies and had a nice play.


Then we had a spot of lunch and I took the pob to Katie’s to have a nap in Martha’s cot whilst I had my hair done in the salon. It’s terribly convenient having a sister in law who is a star hairdresser with a salon at home!

That done, we went home for more of a play and to wait for daddy. We had fish fingers, chips and beans for tea as the day was a bit rushed.

My best friend, Lisa came over for tea and she played with the pob and bathed him with me. We went through holiday bits for me to borrow and in exchange I edited her CV. At this point our friend Danielle popped over, cue more cake and tea. I’ve just realised I didn’t watch holby! CRIME! Must watch later tonight on iplayer.

Upon leaving Lisa’s old banger failed to start so we had to push it on to our drive and Danielle took her home. Looking back it was a busy day.

Oh and the pob had his first hair cut too, here we are…


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