Day 11: 15 of my favourite things

Ok, this is late but it’s been the pobs birthday and party etc…

1) the pob, I know he’s not a thing but he’s my most favourite thing in the world still
2) being an auntie, I have two gorgeous nephews and a beautiful niece (from sis) and one lovely niece from MrSlenders brother. I love being an auntie as you get to be the fun one and to act like a kid again.
3) spag bol, yummy can’t beat it (has to be mums tho)
4) crinkly mini cheddars
5) aeroplane food
7) a nice hot bath
8) casualty and holby city
9) my garden in early summer, it’s like a magic place
10) a nice cup of tea
11) going to football with pops
12) spending time with my sister and her children, it’s very special that we had babies so close (5 months apart)
13) bed
14) sleep
15) photos

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