Birthday posts

Birthday post number one

Every year I’m going to write my son, the pob, a letter on his birthday. Today, 10th May 2012 is his first birthday.

I’ve been inspired by Chris Mosler’s post about her son turning 16.

Dear pob

Today is your first birthday. I can’t believe you’re one whole year old, it’s gone so very quickly, in a flash. But at the same time I cannot imagine life without you now, it would be terribly empty.

We spent your early days propping our eyes open with cocktail sticks, amazed at how our lives had changed so dramatically so quickly, muddling through day by day. Creeping in to bed when you were asleep in your Moses basket, lifting you in the night for feeds, such a delicate baby, half asleep, falling asleep on me. Daddy letting you sleep on his chest in the early mornings. You snuggling on my chest for our afternoon naps. Fractious evenings when you were tired, fun bath times learning to splash. Putting you in your cot for the first time, looking tiny but now you look so big.

Now you are already so grown up, strong willed, determined and independent. First there was your caterpillar crawl, then normal crawling and now you run on all fours! You can sign birdie, where, clock, drink, eat, milk the list goes on, you’ve started saying sounds, bbbbbb, daaa, maaaa, you can stand unaided but don’t quite have the confidence to try to walk alone.

You cuddle and kiss. You love a cuddle and kiss. Soppy boy. Every night I read to you and we snuggle before bed. That’s such precious time when I have you on my lap and think. This boy is my son, I love him more than the world. He is so special. How did he get so big!

I’m excited to watch you everyday and it will always continue to be so. You are my pride and joy. I’m excited for our future together as a family, what’s just round the corner and what’s a way in the distance. I’m looking forward to seeing the child, and then man you grow to become. I know you’ll be great at whatever you do. Just the next year will deliver wonders I’m sure, even the next week or month.

But for now it’s your first birthday, we’re off to the farm before your cousins arrive for tea. Just me, you and daddy today.

I love you and you, my little pob, are made out of love






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