All about the pob

Life with a pob

Since we’ve had the pob, almost a year ago now, life has most definitely changed. Gone are afternoons, evenings, nights down the pub; impromptu cinema trips; shopping trips; lazy Sunday’s, but here instead we have a multitude of things which completely outweigh any of those.

Everyday with the pob is my favourite day. Every morning I wake up (even when I have to haul myself out of bed) having a morning cuddle wipes away any frustration through lack of sleep. Now when we get him up he says da da da to me and ma ma ma to MrSlender and points to our room. It’s wonderful being a family.

I love his excitement at the smallest things, like the door handle still in its packaging, that he trowels round the house. The way he squeals at Bert the cat, tries to nose dive off the sofa, runs on all fours, goes ‘ahhhhhh’ and cuddles anything, holds his hands to his shoulder when you say cuddle to him. He sits and watches tv before bed, properly cuddling and he gives great big open mouthed smackeroonis.

Things are just different now, I’d rather play in the garden than go shopping, I’d rather watch the pob play than go to the cinema and I’d rather read to the pob and cuddle before bed than go to the pub.

Of course there’s a balance but being with the pob is number one.

I love that our family is number one for all three of us. I love being a family and the pob makes us that. He makes our home our family home.



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