Day 8: What’s in my handbag

Well today’s topic of what’s in my handbag is hard for me, as it is for some of the rest, as I don’t have a handbag right now, it’s a nappy bag.

Cowboy print Cath Kidston. I’ve always loved the print and chose the bag before we had the pob, I think it’s go well for both sexes!

In it is:
Various creams
Anti bac spray
Teething gel
can you tell someone’s teething!
A cuddly paddington from the pobs cousin Martha May
My purse
My paper diary (I love paper diaries, you just don’t get the same views of the week online)
A spoon
Some loose Cheerios
A pound coin (might buy a scratch card with that tomorrow!)
A postcard for the lady who I’ll be buying mothers birthday present from (can’t write what in case she reads this but it’s good!!)
A sock
A dirty bib
A plethora of snacks in a tie bag

Next week we’ll be back to a handbag and a new mini rucksack for the pob as we’ve asked for one for his birthday on Thursday. Thinking about this means I need a new bag too. Yet another transformation from babe to toddler…

I’m excited and sad to have my own bag again to fill with my stuff: tissues, snacks, creams, coins, my purse, my diary and whatever else I chuck in, not that different to a nappy bag really!

Once, years ago, I lost a butter knife through customs from our wedding gift set as it was in my hand luggage. FAIL! I tried to get them to mail it to me but nope. And it was silver. I will be more disciplined when I return to handbagdom.

What’s in your bag?

5 thoughts on “Day 8: What’s in my handbag

  1. Lots of teething babies right now! I should be carrying calpol about really but im winging it! I still use my nappy bag often i’ll just chuck in my purse and go! x

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve turned back into the mommy bags now, too. All of my babies are getting bigger. My toddler bag just stays in the van when we go somewhere and I keep a few of his toys in my purse.

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