What I’m afraid of

Today’s post is what I’m afraid of. I don’t have any fears as such, I don’t mind spiders, insects I tolerate, I don’t mind enclosed spaces or public speaking. I guess I don’t have any real fears as such, but, I do have some things I feel uncomfortable about. Like being in a situation where I have no idea what people are talking about. I get really worried when people close to me are driving and they are late, perhaps as a close friend of mine was killed in a car accident when we were teenagers. Thinking about it the thing I’m most afraid of is the unknown, obviously dying (who isn’t??) but also being in an unfamiliar town, city or country and not having my bearings. I just need to look at a map to make me feel more comfortable. So there you go, the fear of the unknown (but practical, this doesn’t include UFO’s!).

7 thoughts on “What I’m afraid of

    1. Hi Vicky, pob was a cartoon character when I was growing up and when we had our son we thought he looked like pob so that’s his nickname or pet name! The pob! He’s a year old next week!

  1. I think Fear of the Unknown is really common, I know I share this fear. I enjoy adventure but I don’t like feeling like I’m unsafe. Thanks for sharing!

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