My favourite quote…

Today’s challenge is to post your favourite quote. But I don’t actually have one so was somewhat flummoxed.

Tonight I spent the evening fine dining and enjoying The Kings Speech at Wyndams Theatre. Quite apt for tonight’s topic. I wanted to pick out a quote from the play but was too entranced to remember.

Luckily I’d had the foresight to pose the quandary of quotes at dinner with mother and father.

On request of their favourite quotes, expecting something somewhat profound, I received the following replies…

Father: ‘come on you irons’ quite topical considering West Ham were playing Cardiff tonight in the play offs. And won…yay! Me and MrSlender will be attending the home leg next week and hope for a repeat of tonight’s score. So although topical its not quite a show stopper!

Mother: ‘lefty loosey tighty righty’. Well knock me down will a feather it’s the most deep quote I could have imagined out of an ex head teacher MA qualified mummy. I stated as which, she replied ‘it’s terribly useful’. Quite.

The last person I asked was a colleague of fathers, who replied ‘I will not rest until everyone’s wage is above the average’ I have no idea who said it and I haven’t the battery to research as an on train home. But at least it was slightly more deep and meaningful. At least for our current company, all mathematicians who then started to debate which average he referred ro. It was wild. Luckily for me there was wine.



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