20 things about me


Day 2 is 20 things about me so here they are…

1) I lost 2lb at Weight Watchers tonight 🙂 yay!

2) By the end of my pregnancy my arms circumference was what my leg circumference was when I fell pregnant, impressive

3) Me and MrSlender have the same initials, all three

4) I’ve had four jobs my adult life

5) I am 5ft 4 (and a half)

6) This morning I screamed at a mouse

7) My feet are a size seven

8) I got married on my 21st birthday

9) Green is my favourite colour

10) Me and the pob do baby signing with Tiny Talk

11) I love eating frozen peas

12) I like odd numbers, so if i am tearing sheets of loo roll it has to be 3, 5 etc, don’t know why

13) I have a wonky face as i had bells palsy when I was a child

14) I’m a money head

15) I get really watery eyes especially under stress

16) I know Charles Dickens’s youngest living relative, in fact he’s coming round tomorrow with his mother in tow for lunch and a play

17) I thought the pob was a girl my whole pregnancy due to a psychic

18) My middle name is my mums name and that is a family tradition

19) I’m a huge Daddy’s girl but my mum is my best friend

20) I’m 30 next year


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