My marathon man

In 2009 MrSlender ran the London marathon for Action for Children. He finished in 3.33. Not bad for a first marathon. It was the year that it was scorching, on the way round he saw someone being defibbed. Scary stuff. It started as a joke to prove a point, that he could run a marathon without training. Credit where credits due, he didn’t train. Sure he did a bit of running before but he runs anyway. Impressive don’t you think?! I’ve never heard the end of it…I can see the medal now out of the corner of my eye, twinkling at me…

He said its euphoric, addictive, intensely emotional experience to cross the line. I’m going to have to trust him on that one.

It amazes me each year that people challenge themselves so hard and push their bodies to the limits of their fitness for some great causes, or just for the personal challenge.

For each and every person who started the marathon today, well done, everyone who knows you, and plenty who don’t, are in awe and proud of you. Just like I still am of MrSlender, my marathon man.


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