Dried out by the wetness

Right now it’s extremely hard to believe that there’s a drought. It’s been raining everyday for over a week now, since the hose pipe ban came into force really. Its all just, well, dry to be quite honest.

I’m all for rain. My garden was dying, literally, for some. But enough is enough now, call the hose pipe ban off seven water companies! Yes it may have been dry for 18 months but it’s positively soaking now, it seems the threat of the ban has well and truly unplugged the sink in the sky and we’re now on full flood mode.

Drains are overflowing, as are water butts, ponds and random oversized cooking pots left out (that might just be me). Come on…if not all seven, just one, let it be Anglian water, I want a jubilant garden full of window boxes, baskets and pots full to bursting after being hosepiped to health for the jubilee. Then I don’t need to get wet each day, it’s just not a good look.

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