NCT classes vs different classes

Today I volunteered at our local NCT sale. I’m not a member and I didn’t go to NCT classes. Whilst I have met some very lovely people who are ‘NCT’ mums and whilst I recognise it’s great for some people to meet like minded new mothers, link up and start a social/support group; it just isn’t for me.

One of my closest friends, who gave birth to her beautiful daughter exactly three months after the pob was born has an NCT group, to her they have been a lifesaver, available at all hours through very difficult times with a sensitive, eczema suffering, allergy suffering newborn. Having said that I would’ve done the same for her, anytime, day or night. They’ve grown their friendships and she now has a network of friends for her and her husband.

Now this is why I know it’s not for me (or us). My husband volunteered to put out tables this morning and came home saying “it’s ridiculous, every person was convinced they were more senior or important than the next person” and “a woman actually said to me ‘I’m in charge if this room'” well whoopee love. Congrats. I think he hates it more as he’s used to working on building sites and hates any kind of bulls**tty work situation. He also would never go on group, male bonding bike rides. In fact I’ve never seen him on a bike. Or camping as a matter of fact. So we’d be sneered upon from the offset. But then maybe I feel like that because I didn’t do NCT, I just didn’t feel the need, I have my own lovely friends, many of whom were spawning at the same time.

But two things happened today which cinched it for me…sitting at my till I was asked ‘how many sales have you done?’, ‘two’ I replied, and from the look I was given it was clear I came no where near to the 16 some had done and I absolutely had not earned my right as totterer upperer. What can I say, I’m a quick progresser. it’s not a competition (says me, to whom everything is and I’m secretly pleased I was in charge of calculations).

The second thing is that when I was looking round pre-pre sale I was standing next to a girl I know vaguely through baby groups who was eyeing the same toy as me. There were two exactly the same, one £6 one £2 from different sellers. She looked at me, ‘you should let me have the cheaper one, you have more money than me’, gobsmacked I replied ‘how do you know, I really don’t!’, laughed and walked off. I didn’t buy either one.

NCT does some extremely great work, provides support for people who need it and have great nearly new sales, keeping the pob in toys and they provided me with breast feeding support in the home which I will be ever grateful for.

But does it generate more gap between classes?

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