the Gallery, My Awesome Photo

I’ve decided to have a go at the Gallery and the first topic for me is My Awesome Photo. I have to admit i’m not a great photographer but i love taking photos. I knew instantly what photo i wanted to use. Its one of the pob, taken in September when we were on holiday in Crete, at four months it was his first time abroad, on holiday and most importantly on the beach. We took great pleasure in watching him touch the sand, watch the waves lapping the shore and go in for a little dip for the first time. I treasure this photo. I am also really proud of it but it also makes me a little sad. Time just goes so quickly, thats what i love and hate about photos, they remind you of a tiny snapshot that you can never get back again. And right now time is just whizzing by. This photo I will always treasure of our first holiday as parents, unsure, proud, happy and tired but most of all together as a three, as our little family.


my awesome photo

I just looked at it again. I just love it, it makes me laugh every-time i look at it. Silly curious little pob! xxx


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