Wow, bad spelling

just re read last post LOADS of mistakes, ooops! not good for a communications professional. You can obviously tell sleep is lacking and its still the case. So i harp on about sleep, wouldnt you if you hadnt slept longer than four hours straight in a six months stretch, probably longer if you count the whale time pre pob. I am sure sleep will become less of a topic once i’m getting some. so tonight husband has given the pob a bottle, just now. sposed to be at 9.30pm a dream feed (usually wakes at 10pm) but in his infinite wisdom pob cottoned on and woke early so no dream feed. clever little pob, he knows the game. so in a bid to separate him from the boob at night i am going to give him a bottle of *shock horror* formula when he wakes. This may be at 1, 3 or anywhere before or in between. Lets see…

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