T for B

At 9pm. In fact we’ve been in bed for 1/2 hour already. AndI’ve used that time to go on Facebook and Twitter, not for anything else, other half is snoring even tough he’s promised to feed the pob at 10 if he wakes, he will wake. Last night saw six or seven wakenings, both of us felt hung over today and the pob had a giant two hour sleep (alright for him) in the morn. I attempted to also sleep in afternoon but he decided 1/2 hour was enough nap time and I had literally just gone to sleep. Walked round asda in a sleep deprived state state and rammed in to a good few ankles with pram. Ho hum. Pob ate some chicken for tea so perhaps the protein will see him a bit longer.

I guaranteethe will wake as soon as I reach over and turn off the light!


Party time tomorrow, nothing to wear…greaaat


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