Turns out this week is actually 25, I blame sleep deprivation. Was up at 11, 2.30 and then 5.30. Surely he’ll sleep better soon. An afraid I then won’t be able to sleep through. Am sleep obsessed.

Anyway what a fantastic week we have this week. Went to radders on mon to see Browns, yesterday went to a toddler Halloween party with Halle and Rachael (and mum) where we won the pumpkin carving comp 🎃🎃🎃

However we won a colouring book which although we’re terribly advanced, I fear we’ll be waiting a while to use…it looks fun though, might have a go myself.

Baked a cake and went to Kate’s for dans bday tea. Have got library rhyme time today (all the kids stare at me such a wonderful voice I have) and then an elvis curry night sans pledgers. Think am superwoman as need to clean house for Jamie Oliver party tomorrow, tidy spare room so husband can sleep in there and I can have pob in bed with me…oh no I mean so Bessie can stay for night Friday, and I still need to make photo books for 2xds bday pressies AND sort my artwork…hmmm poss I bit ambitious, then there’s the washing, cooking, ironing, tidying…a woman’s work is never done!

In other news pob still has cough so it’s back to quacks for us, for effect he’s just coughed and vommed a bit…mmmmm

Downstairs we go now for commando crawling then the fight that’s breakfast, but first a little pob by snuggle.

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