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The grand entry number 3: the arrival of Marni 

I’m not sure how to start my last birth story. It’s the last time that I will give birth. My births have without doubt been the most incredible experiences of my life. Not just becoming a mother and welcoming my three children, all in very different ways. But actually genuinely changing my life, my work,… Continue reading The grand entry number 3: the arrival of Marni 

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A sleepy homebirth

A birth story from Josie Barker. ‘After having my first in hospital, which was a straight forward birth but with loads of waiting around, I decided with my second that I would be having him at home. I told my midwives at my booking in appt at 7 weeks! They don’t usually talk about the… Continue reading A sleepy homebirth

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Working or not: having a choice

This week will see me return to work after round two of maternity leave. When I was younger we’d say MrSlender might be a stay at home Dad, I’d work. How wrong I was, never imagining the pull of my children. Never imagining not wanting or needing to be successful in my ‘professional’ career. Never… Continue reading Working or not: having a choice

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Soosie Soo is no longer a baby

So that’s a year gone. My little baby isn’t a little baby any more. It’s with a little sadness, a lot of melancholy, a heap of excitement and a heart brimming I’m wishing my baby a happy first birthday. He is without doubt the most relaxed baby. He rarely cries. I do appreciate this. Only… Continue reading Soosie Soo is no longer a baby

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A view from the inside

As the boys’ birthdays approach I’ve been talking to Roo about what a birthday is and why it’s special. Today we went to buy some balloons, toot too la loots (party blowers) and general trashy birthday merch. On the way I said to Roo it’s three whole years since he came out of my tummy.… Continue reading A view from the inside

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Toddle in a Hat Day 2014

This week we toddled one mile for Brain Tumour Research for Wear a Hat Day. I loved it. For me it just summed up parenthood and friendship beautifully. It really started for me at lunch time when, boys snoozing, I blew balloons, made signs and generally just stuffed the pushchair full of useful items I… Continue reading Toddle in a Hat Day 2014